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Welcome to the Life-Savers Website!  Life-Savers is a local
company with strong ties to the community and a commitment to
provide quality pre-hospital education at an affordable cost.  
Life-Savers offers industry standard education with a special
emphasis on a real working knowledge of the skills.  A full range
of educational opportunities are available, from entry-level CPR
and basic First aid courses to the NREMT and Kentucky certified
EMT and Emergency Medical Responder Courses.

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We are the lowest cost provider of EMT classes in the state and we have the highest passing rate on the NREMT Examination in the state.  We are above the national average passing rate on the NREMT examination.  You make the choice.

We have always been the most economical option there is for EMT-B courses.  When you price classes make sure to ask how much their additional end-of-course fees will be.  We also offer our students FREE Continuing Education hours, our competition charges $6.00 per hour. We pride ourselves in being a friend of the fire services.  We offer substantial discounts for departments
enrolling 3 or more students in the same class.  

Our last 2 EMT-B Classes graduated with 100% of the students passing their Practical Skills Examination and a pass rate of 100% first attempt pass rate on the NREMT examination!! Others may offer promises, some others may offer to pay you after you sign a contract.  What we offer is the highest quality training for the lowest price in this area we encourage prospective students to ask around before they make their decision about their training.

September 2024 Now Enrolling!

September 16, 2024

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